Coordinated Traffic Lights simulator - 2004
Master thesis application

A integral part of my master thesis dissertation: Computer simulation of traffic in coordinated intersections with intelligent lights control. The application demonstrates and simulates the concept of using fuzzy logic to control coordinated traffic lights with prioritization. For traffic simulation purposes cellular automata were used.

The application has two modes of operation:
  • edit & design of intersections arrangements and their parameters,
  • simulation where properties of traffic feeds & sinks along with intersection behavior can be changed live.
Charts of the traffic statistics are always on hand to visualize the current capacity of each junction. Written in C++ (Borland C++).
Screencast demo can be found here.

Show the code of yourself - 2002 GCC/G++

A program written in C++ displays its own source-code (Quine). Tested only with GCC on Linux.
2007.02.24 Update: adjust the code to GCC requirements.

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Simulation of UNIX filesystem - 2002 GCC/G++

A university project to simulate in-memory UNIX like filesystem using objected programming with inheritance and polymorphism. Due to lack of time the scope had been reduced to most important functions and commands. The additional requirement was to simulate cpio command.

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Random number generator - 2002 GCC/G++

A project from algorithms - random number generator written in C++ with Pi and Chi2 tests of the results.

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Sorting - 2001 GCC/G++

A project from algorithms - shell-sort and bubble sort (sorting class handling any data types) written in C++.

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