muCommander contributor - 2022
Contributions to make muCommander even more awesome!
Main features contributed:
  • Improved bug & issue reporting both directly via github and muCommander app
  • Full-blown Terminal available under F12 and as a replacement for a previous run command
  • Syntax-highlighting in Viewer and Editor
  • Dock icon updated with jobs' status (jobs count and progress)
  • 'Open With' menu to present compatible applications (macOS)
  • System icons for common well-known directories
  • Desktop available on the list of quick access
  • plus lots of other fixes and enhancements :)
Weather sensors & remote control - 2021
A project to measure temperature, atmospheric air pressure, humidity and luminosity by using arduino-powered sensors. Sensors send their data every ~15m (configurable) by using RFM69 modules and are being collected by RPi.
RPi is also used to visualize data by using Grafana and InfluxDB. Arduino sensors can be optionally used to control external devices.

Project page can be found on my github here.

Lightning camera trigger - 2020
A project to help catching lightnings on the photos. It uses lightning sensor with AS3935 chip on-board and Arduino Nano to trigger the camera when a lightning event occurs. It supports Canon cameras but it can be easily adjusted for other vendors.
It hasn't been tested yet - awaiting spring and stormy times to see if it really works :)

Project page can be found on my github here.

Home Air Quality and Assistant - 2020
The idea was to display indoor air quality metrics thanks to PMS5003ST sensor and Raspberry Pi Zero. Due to CV-19 the project evolved to include a simple voice assistant to serve weather conditions and anything Linux console is capable of :)

Project page can be found on my github here.

Retrofit Arduino + FM module into old radio - 2019
Unitra ANIA R-612 FM radio powered by Arduino and TEA5767 FM module

The idea was to replace the old electronics with something from 21st century. Despite some voices of electronics guys that new modules are much worse etc (miserable filtering of low gain stations) I started the project to revamp the radio with Arduino + RDA5807m (or alternatively TEA5767) module + Nokia 5110 display mounted in unobtrusive way (its illumination slowly fades out when no frequency adjustment is being done at the moment).
Here it is - the revamped Unitra ANIA R-612

Project page can be found on my github here.

E-paper clock and more - 2018
Clock + weather + AQI + traffic running on Raspberry Pi + e-paper display

A DIY project to use Raspberry Pi zero + e-paper screen and python scripts to display: clock, weather, air quality index and traffic information. A cool feature it has is that when either AQI index or traffic delays to defined destinations are above configured values the gauge becomes red so you can be warned to stop breathing or hit the road earlier to be on time.
The enclosure has been build using my old LEGO pieces (a very good excuse to play with LEGO one more time!).

Project page can be found on my github here.

PM Home Station - 2017-2018
Home use particulate matter sensor

A DIY project to measure air quality at our homes.
The project provides instructions how to build low-budget and affordable measuring device, the applications for almost all platforms (desktop & mobile apps) and 3D printable enclosures.

Project page can be found on github here.

Onkyo DX-6810 retrofit TOSLINK - 2016
Retrofit optical output (TOSLINK) to Onkyo DX-6810

The project aimed to work out whether it is possible to add digital output to legacy CD player. A bit of investigation regarding CXD2500Q chip told me that it is indeed possible. The benefit of this modification is that one can use its own DAC to enhance and compare the quality of built-in DAC or to have almost a "CD transport" :)

Details with photos can be found here.

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